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A little bit about us

inthiswildhome was founded by a homeschool mom with a background in Early Childhood Education who is passionate about children learning at their own pace and teaching based on interest. Our mission is to create simple yet useful digital resources for families to utilize in their homeschooling. We understand the needs, joys, and challenges of homeschooling, and we are dedicated to providing high-quality resources that will help you succeed in whichever homeschool approach you use. We are passionate about education and committed to helping families experience the richness of learning through play, nature, cooking, curriculum, and everyday activities. We believe that every child deserves an education that is curated for their learning type and pace that is appropriate for them as an individual and not replicating the school system at home.

“You are so kind to send us monthly freebies! Thank you! I truly love your TikTok Channel (it is what got me into Bible Study and DGC and helped transform my relationship with God!) and I love your homeschool material for my littles and your book box!"
"Your cleaning schedule has been a game changer in our routine! Thank you for creating resources for not just our children but us mothers too!"
"I can see the hard work and intention you put into each Book Box! My kids cannot wait for their next box!!"
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